The Stock Market Project!

This is my stock market project and it shows all the companies I invested in and earned money from! During this stock market project it was very difficult and frustrating at times but in the end I had a lot of fun and learned how to work with the stock market! I created a sheet that I could do my calculations of if I earn money or if I lost money.
I set this up so that whenever I type the number in certain places they would multiply and create the answer that I needed to see if I earned money or lost money.

We got $20,000 to invest into any companies that we wanted to and I chose those four that you can see on my sheet. You can also see the full name of the company on the first photo. We checked it about once every two weeks on average it was never a precise date but every single time the price went up and down up and down and it was all over the place.

I learned that some people actually play with the stock market has a job and it seems like an extremely stressful job because you could lose money one day and gain a lot of money the other day. Even though my job may not be in the stock market I at least know how to play around with it and use it and be wise with it.

Whenever I decide to actually invest money in the stock market I know how to do it and I know how to be wise with it and smart with it because you can get extremely rich or you can lose all your money.

So in conclusion, if you’re ever bored or just want to learn how to do something new try doing something like this you don’t really have to invest money we can at least do it for fun!

TED Talk Presentation

This is me presenting my TED talk! I made my TED talk about the “Rubik’s cube Anatomy” because I love solving Rubik’s cubes and when I talk about something I love I can talk more easily and I don’t need note cards or a script, it is all from the heart. So when I made my TED talk I first found something I love to do and I just talked about it. Of course I prepared and practiced a bunch of times but in the end it was just coming from the heart and the mind.

There were so many things I learned while I was doing my TED talk presentation. First of all, I learned that you need to put as barely amount of words as you possibly can so that your reader or your listener or watcher won’t get bored. Second of all it is recommended that you put a black background. Also I learned that you just got to make the slides as simple as possible I know they look boring but the presentation is what really sparks it. Another thing is no crazy fonts and no crazy transitions.

At the beginning of my presentation I try to do something different so since my presentation was about the Rubik’s cube I decided to solve a 3X3X3 cube while I was doing my presentation. When I did something like this it made my presentation a little bit more interesting because people also saw that I was solving a Rubiks cube and it made them wanna pay more attention. Another thing that I learned about this presentation is that you can’t just have it interesting at the beginning and then like let it go bad you have to keep it interesting throughout the entire time. And in my case that was presenting well and solving the Rubik’s cube and getting a round of applause when I finished it.

So if you ever want to do a TED talk make sure you keep it as basic as possible and keep your presentation as interesting as possible. You can talk about whatever you want you just got to stay enthusiastic about it and you got to love it or else it won’t be interesting and the presentation will be boring.


Tree Books

This is a Tree Book.  I made this starting on March 15 2021. My book went to Frank Gallery on May 15. This is Frank Gallery’s website, go check them out.  I worked on this book for two whole months! I got some help from a local artist named Peg Gignoux, This is her website go check it out too! .

I started this process of making the tree books by first doing a screen printing process as the first step. Next I folded some paper so that it looked like a tree but I could open up the flap on the inside so there was cool art stuff in there. And then I made some printing‘s with Akua ink! Akua ink is very interesting because I can just use a very small amount of it and it’ll cover a lot of space. I  used a leaf or something from nature that I found to make a cool printing with the Akua ink.

Then I made collages of scrap paper that I made which was colored with Akua ink that looks very beautiful and I cut them out in little shapes and sizes in anyway I wanted and glued it onto my tree book.  Then I got these little yellow pockets that you can find that you can put coins in and they just look like a little pockets that I decorated and made it blend in with my tree book.

With these little pockets I put my writing inside of them so that my writing could stick out and it looks very beautiful. I made four writings. Salute to My Roots which was a not that I wrote to anybody who was in my family that had or has a big impact on my life. I did my mom and dad. The Life List which is a list that I want to do during my life time. When This is Over which is a poem about things that we take for granted and things that I want to keep happening because of this pandemic. And last but not least My Wish which is a little list that I want things to happen to this world or to the human race.

The book Wishtree by Katherine Applegate is what inspired me to make this Tree Book. In the end I shared my Tree Book with my mom and my dad and they loved it and they loved all the writing pieces in it.

I hope that you might want to try this project I had a lot of fun with making a Tree Book and I know that if you try it you might just have a lot of fun too.

Frances Dowell Books

During our long time of writing our books, I have learned a lot of new strategies and things to think about while I’m writing my story.  I learned about the What If questions first to start off my story and use my own imagination to create whatever I want. I also learned about the sticks and stones and that I’m supposed to think about them while I’m writing my story to make it more interesting in the middle or the beginning so it doesn’t get boring.  Another thing that I learned is the monster problem at the end so it’s like a big rounding up on what I wrote and then it makes it super interesting at the end the protagonist wins or the “monster” wins but it’s like a big wrapping up at the end to finish off your story.

During the feedback process I got a lot of information to add to my story to make it more interesting and add a little bit more detail so that my reader can picture it in their mind while they’re  reading my story. I also remember that when I first started writing my book I actually got the idea from an actual event that happened which was when the cockroach actually walked through our classroom which is funny. Then I decided to add that to my story so we would have like an interesting beginning but then it would turn into something else and then suspense would start to happen then all of a sudden the first sticks and stones problem. I was also told that my story was very interesting and there was a lot I could change at any given moment.

I remember the feedback that Frances Dowell gave back to me and it really did help me to add more detail and make it more interesting like my friends told me but Frances actually helped give me an exact place where I could make it more interesting and add more detail. Another thing  Frances told me was that my story was great and it was very suspenseful and she liked how it jumped from one place to another place and he kept the story moving at a good pace.

Something that I am really proud of is how my story turned out and how that it was interesting and everybody who read it really like the beginning and the setting. A lot of people also liked the topic of my story and that there is a kidnapper and how kids go missing.

Frances Dowell, I have one question for you, when did you start writing and why did you decide to start writing and what motivated you?

Thank you for helping us with our books and thank you for all the feedback you gave us and all the time you spent with us.


Window Or Mirror?

This blog I am going to be looking at if Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is more of a “Window” or a “Mirror!” The Window or Mirror is how the book is different  from you “window” or reflects to you “mirror.”

First let us start with the “window” or how this book is not related to me. The main character Greg has two other brothers one older and one younger. He also has all these imaginations about how the future might turn out or what might happen to him.  Greg is also a bit self conscious about what he looks like but not me! Me and Greg are not really that different!

Now for the “mirror” part or what I connect to him with. He is a boy in middle school just like me. He also went on a crazy vacation in this book and I went on one just like this two years ago! He has a mom and a dad and of course so do I.  Greg doesn’t like playing sports and I don’t like playing some sports either. There are a million more things that I could say that we have in common but this is good start!

The window or a mirror is a fun and tricky question to ask but you can learn a lot more from just doing this once. You can try it too if you want it is very easy!


Daily Habit

It has been a month since I started my daily habit and I am progressing very well! Every day I try to go and walk either outside or inside and I also try to do a pull up every day too. I first started this with my daily plank with the class and each day we added more time to our plank. Eventually I got better at it.

So, I thought what my own habit should be 🤔. Then I got it! What were the two things I was really bad at? Walking for long distances and pull ups! So that is where I got my idea from because I knew whatever I did if I did it for a long time I would get a bit better every day. So if you decide to do something like this just remember to commit to it and don’t give up! Bye 👋.

What Kind of Punctuation am I

I am most definitely a question mark because I always want to know what is going on. Like if I am eating dinner and my parents are talking I always ask what they are talking about or if my friends are talking, I always ask what they are talking about.  One time me and my friends were playing Fortnite and they were talking about a different game called Call Of Duty and I kept on asking what it was about and in the end they told me that they were talking about a special game mode that I knew nothing about. So I got that game and it turned out to be very fun. Asking questions has helped me out a lot and I know a lot of stuff that can help me like some assignments or how to play that new game because the tutorial did not help me that much so I had to learn most from experience and my friends. So in conclusion I ask a lot of questions and I always need to know what people around me are talking about.


Daily Habits

A few weeks ago we did a plank challenge! What we did was every two days we added ten seconds to the plank. It got harder and harder until the class was up to three and a half minutes! The day before winter break we had the final plank challenge to go as long as we could. I went for about six minutes! So this was our plank challenge.

A few days ago I started my own daily habits. Mine are to go on a walk or run and to do at least one pull up. Each day when I do these things I get better and I can go for a longer period of time.  Right now I have done a 4 laps around my neighborhood which is like 4 kilometers and I have done 2 pull ups. This daily habit is a bit tough for me but I will get better eventually. So I hope that you where inspired a little bit today to go make a daily habit it can be anything you choose.

What I Like To Do

I like to play a video game called Rocket League! This game has lots of versions but the most popular one is called Trios. In this mode it is one team versus another.  It is soccer with cars and to win you your team needs to score the most goals.  It is fun because you can customize your car to your liking.  You can do cool tricks with the car like fly ride on the walls and the ceiling!

I love playing Rocket League with my friends you should try it out sometime to.  And this is what I like to do in my free time.

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